Adult Bible Fellowship

Adult Bible Fellowship

The primary intention of Adult Bible Fellowship is to help adults CONNECT to one another and GROW in Christ. Our Adult Bible Fellowship group offers organized fellowship, care, and outreach.

Join us Sundays at 8:45AM.

We meet in the Youth Room on the lower level.

Join us on Sunday!

2510 Old Washington Road

Sunday Group

8:45AM - 9:45AM Youth Room (lower level)

These are essentials in the fellowship and in the relationships. Adult Bible Fellowships have a leadership team who help develop the caring system and the relationships within the group. Adult Bible Fellowships are groups that stay together to get to know each other, and to develop in their faith together. Unlike electives classes, ABFs are not groups that meet together quarterly and then reshuffle for the next quarter. Electives tend to kill the idea of people getting to know one another because people only meet for 12 weeks and then everyone moves on to another class. Unlike quarterly based elective classes, ABFs stay together. There are no “quarters” or arbitrary schedules. Each group can study material at their own pace, since they will be continuing together indefinitely.

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