Women's Ministry

SET FREE 2019-2020

Alliance Women support the work The Alliance is doing around the world. Every year we carefully and prayerfully choose several missions projects to focus on. Please join us in praying for and supporting these special projects that help women. The following projects have been selected for support throughout the 2019-2020 AW ministry year. In addition to providing compassionate care and tangible help to suffering and overlooked peoples in these areas, project coordinators and their teams remain fully committed to proclaiming the good news of Jesus to those who have yet to experience His loving embrace.

Alliance Women National Project 2020 Offering

On Sunday, March 22 we will be participating in the Alliance Women National Project 2020 Offering. Check out the "SET FREE" NATIONAL PROJECTS" link for more information on how the monies collected will be used. People giving by envelope should mark their check or envelope with AW National Project.

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